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The Pamvotida Lake is one of oldest lakes worldwide and the second oldest in Europe after the lake of Achrida (about 7 million years old). It is a very fragile ecosystem and belongs to the European program Natura 2000 because of its important and rare flora and fauna species. The word Pamvotida dates back to the era of Homer and means “someone that feeds everything”. The city of Ioannina and the activities of its residents are tightly connected with the lake. One of the first things you will hear about the lake is the tragic story of the drowning of Lady Frosini together with 17 women after the orders of Ali Pasa. The lake is so big that has its own island. Ten families of fishermen live on it and their fish accommodate the needs of the area. All around the lake you will see the residents enjoying a stroll and the wonderful scenery. Moreover, some rowing and canoe-kayak athletes choose the lake for their training. Lots of Greek and foreign artists were inspired by Pamvotida and produced many paintings, poems, photographs and songs.


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