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Lots of rafting schools that can take you on a tour in waters of the nearby rivers can be found in Ioannina. The rivers Aoos and Voidomatis are ideal for rafting and kayak as they have easy and more difficult routes that can be up to 27 kilometers long. As far as rafting is concerned, Voidomati’s route is ideal for beginners in contrast to that of Aoos that is only for experienced and well trained athletes as it is one of the most difficult in Greece. The most famous route in Aoos starts from the bridge between the villages of Palioseli and Vrysochori and ends up near the bridge of Konitsa. The route with a length of 15 kilometers is difficult and can be completed from 4 to 8 hours according to the flow of the river. Kayak, monocraft or hot dogs can also be used. Some parts of it that seem to be easier, especially from the monastery of Stomio, can become easier. In Voidomatis the classic route starts from the bridge of Aristi-Papigo, follows an evergreen route in the canyon of Voidomatis and ends up in its exit under the bridge of Kleidonia. Rafting, kayak, monocrafts or hot dogs can be used. It lasts from 1 to 2 hours and its difficulty level is II. For the more experienced kayak lovers, Kerasovitikos (tributary of Sarantaporos), is ideal in early spring. And sometimes why not Sarantaporos himself!

Source: www.konitsa.gr

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