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The castle of Ioannina was built in 528 p. C. in the frames of Emperor Ioustinianos’s plan for the fortification of the Byzantine state. It is the oldest Byzantine castle, which was the biggest administrative centre of entire Greece during Ali Pasha’s era. The Greek letters were developed in the Castle, where Ali Pasha lived his big love with dame-Vasiliki, where he also fell in love with dame-Frosini, his son’s mistress. The great teachers of the Nation taught in the Castle and the big chieftains studied the art of war. This castle of historical importance is constituted by four sections: the exterior grounds, the NW citadel with Aslan Pasha Mosque, the SE citadel with Its Cale and Kastropoliteia, the old city of Ioannina. The area inside its walls is about 200 acres, the perimeter is 2.000 metres and its width is 10 m.

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